😄 Easy to use 😄


olicons is a completely open-source icon set with crafted for designer and coder. You may use for any purpose, whether personal or commercial. Icons in olicons for immediate implementation to your apps or websites. The olicons will keep updating!


Font icons

Remote use

You don't need to download any resources. Just remotely link to the olicons fonts.

1. Add the following to the <head> tag.

<linkrel="stylesheet" href = "http://olicons.yemaosheji.com/css/olicons.css">

2. Add the class attribute corresponding to the <i> tag where you need to use the icon.


Click the card on the homepage to copy the icon name.

Local use

Download and save the font folder and css file to your project. Just quote in the same way as above.

<linkrel="stylesheet" href = "local-path/olicons.css">


You can directly download the svg resource pack to the local for secondary creation or use directly.

<img src="local-path/olicons.svg"/>

Open source agreement

The olicons font follows SIL OFL 1.1 agreement.

The css files in olicons follow the MIT agreement.


The olicons is drawn using Sketch App vector design software.

The olicons uses IcoMoon App to build font files and css files.

Update log

See the Github documentation for the icon change log.

The latest version: v2.0.1